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Sales 101

Selling 101

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RE-INVENT YOURSELF Selling 101 will help you reinvent yourself Are you someone that didn’t choose to go to college? Did you not go because you didn’t have the money? Your family didn’t have the money? Are you someone that didn’t do well in high school and told you wouldn’t amount to anything? You are smart and intelligent and know that you are more than what others think you are? These...Continue Reading

The Wolves of Yellowstone

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This video is amazing and should be seen by everyone that cares about sustainability.  This is such a poignant story that has shown the clear benefits of re-introducing the wolf back into Yellowstone Park.  What a story.  Continue Reading

Peak Performance Dog

Peak Performance on Line

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The other side of the equation is that both my parents are alive, and in case you didn't get a gander at my handsome mug, I am no spring chicken. So guess what. The folks are shall we say "elderly"? Yeah, dad is 89 and ma is 88. They are dealing with their own issues which I won't go into here but suffice it to say, their issues have made me become much more aware of my own mortality. At first it was somewhat scary, then it became a real eye opener, and then I decided to use them as my own cautionary tale.Continue Reading